Monarch® 1131-02® Date Marking Gun

Monarch® 1131-02® Date Marking Gun
Price: $71.99

Monarch® 1131-02® Date Marking Gun Single Line, 8 Characters with Date

Made in the USA. Made in USA

Just like the 1131-01® but it has date coding capability.  4 of the 8 characters are for dating (month, #, #, year). 

The 1131® is an easy to load price marker. Pop the top, drop in a roll, snap the top down, feed the label strip in the bottom and go!  In fact it's 75% faster to load this gun than many other labelers.  The ink roller is even easier to load.  Just snap it on the spindle and go!  No more inky fingers.

This is a great labeling gun for date coding items and cases.  It doesn't require lot's of training to use or load and its ergonomic design cleanly fits your hand for comfortable operation.

All Monarch® Price Marking Guns come with a 1 year limited warranty.

Monarch 1131-02 Pricing Gun
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