QuickBooks POS Handbook for Wineries

QuickBooks POS Handbook for Wineries
This is the essential guide for Winery QuickBooks POS store operations in POS V10. Will English and Steve Green, the "Go To" guys for QuickBooks POS, are back with a store operation handbook specifically for wineries. These Nationally known trainers have broken down standard procedures in QuickBooks POS to create inventory and receive inventory, make sales, and process POS end of day. Then they show you how to handle those transactions in QuickBooks Financial. No time to read the manual? Get this book.

This book is great tool for end-users, bookkeepers, accountants and consultants who need a quick and concise resource that explains how to post transactions, setup and manage winery related inventory and sales activities within QuickBooks Point of Sale. It is also designed to address some of the key issues about how QBPOS will post the unique entries specific to wineries to QuickBooks Financial Software (QBFS) and what to do with them when they get there.
Price: $49.95