Price Marking
<p>We carry Price Marking Guns, Labels and Ink Rollers for these major brands.</p> <p>Whether you are looking for a single line pricing labeler, a combo price marking and date labeler or something more specialized, we can help you find it.</p> <p>Give us a call and let us help you find the right product for your store or project.</p>
Tagging Guns & Fasteners
<div><span style="font-family:Arial">AZ Retail has a wide assortment of Tagging Guns, Needles and Plastic Fasteners. </span></div> <div><span style="font-family:Arial">&nbsp;</span></div> <div><span style="font-family:Arial">We carry specialty items for many different industries and needs including - Retail, Manufacturing, Food and Industrial uses. </span></div> <div><span style="font-family:Arial">&nbsp;</span></div> <div><span style="font-family:Arial">Call us if you need assistance in finding the right solution, whether it's a security loop plastic tag fastener, plastic clothing tag fastener, plastic loop fasteners or other tagging gun plastic fasteners - our experts are here to help!</span></div> <div><span style="font-family:Arial">&nbsp;</span></div> <div><strong><span style="font-family:Arial">1-800-777-1214</span></strong></div> <p><span style="color:#ff0000">Check out our NEW Ecotach Fasteners! Sustainable Tagging is here!</span></p>
Barcode Supplies
<p>We proudly carry labels and tags for Zebra LP2824, Zebra LP2824 Plus and Zebra ZD410 printers.</p> <p>Barcode supplies have so many options and this often makes it very difficult to choose the right one. We are happy to recommend the best product for your needs!</p> <p>We have hundreds of different sizes of labels and tags for industrial, desktop and mobile printers, using transfer and direct thermal printing. These labels and tags will perform in TSC, Zebra, Datamax, Cognitive, Monarch&reg;, Sato, Eltron, and other thermal printers. We also offer multi-color imprint for custom products or plain white, along with a full line of paper stocks and adhesives that will be <em><span style="color:#ff0000">coming soon to our website!</span></em></p> <p><strong><strong>Contact us for all your barcode printing needs! We are here and happy to help!</strong></strong></p>
Merchandise & Garment Tags
We stock a wide assortment of merchandise tags for retailers, dry cleaners, distributors, and manufacturers. Some specific applications include price labeling, promotional labeling, product information labeling and inventory tracking. There are many sizes, shapes, colors, materials and attachment methods. One is bound to meet your specific needs.
Price & Promo Stickers
<p> Price and Promo Stickers get noticed.</p> <p> These attention grabbing stickers are perfect for highlighting your normal great prices or for kicking off a special event.</p> <p> Big and bright stickers can help you rev up sales.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> &nbsp;</p>
Color Dot Stickers
<p> Lots of Dots!&nbsp;</p> <p> Great for color coding, categorizing inventory, product dating, sorting, handling, reorder points, inventory control and retail sales.</p> <p> Easy to write on. Apply to products, boxes and pallets for quick visual identification.</p> <p> 1&quot; Round. 1,000 per roll.</p> <p> Made in the USA.</p>
Size Stickers
<p>Clearly specify the sizes on your merchandise. It will help your customers find what they want quicker and it will reduce the likelihood of returns due to improper sizes. &nbsp;</p> <p>Quick tip: Sometimes customers switch hangars on items by mistake. Putting a size sticker on the item shows you the right size no matter what the hangar size says. Save your staff restocking time and enable them to quickly catch sizing errors.</p>
QuickBooks POS Supplies
<h2> <span style="font-size:14px;"><strong><font face="Arial">More QuickBooks Point of Sale Supplies than anywhere else!</font></strong></span></h2> <div> Use QB POS color labels to call out your sale items or to&nbsp;color code.</div> <div> &nbsp;</div> <div> We carry Easy Remove labels that are less sticky for glassware and cards.</div> <div> &nbsp;</div> <div> QB POS jewelry tags (really a jewelry label) are for rings and accessories where a standard label is too big. &nbsp;Please view details to view specific jewelry label requirements.</div> <div> &nbsp;</div> <div> <span style="font-family: Arial; ">AZRetail&#39;s expanded line of QuickBooks&nbsp;</span>Point of Sale labels and QuickBooks Point of Sale tags are guaranteed* to work with QuickBooks POS Software.</div> <div> &nbsp;</div> <div> *At this time, QuickBooks powered by Revel only supports the Large Size Label (2.25&quot;x1.25&quot;)</div>
Thrift Store
Thrift & Resale Shops have unique needs. We understand those needs - this line of products is specially packaged for the unique needs of Thrift and Resale Shops.
Receipt Paper
<p> Thermal receipt paper for credit, debit, and POS systems, like Clover®, Lightspeed® and others. Including printers used in QuickBooks Point of Sale.</p> <p> Make sure you don&#39;t run out! Always keep at least a few rolls on hand as a cushion to keep your register running.&nbsp;</p>